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Holistic Cranio-Sacral Therapy
with Lalitadevi

Holistic Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a gentle way to relieve tension from the connective tissue and the nerves of the body. This promotes healing both physically and energetically. Lalitadevi's  approach helps to unlock physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spirtitual blocks bringing clarity and direction in every day life. Private sessions can include a combination of Holistic Cranio Sacral Therapy, Yoga and Spiritual Counselling depending on the client's needs. Contact Lalitadevi to book a session. Or use the link. 
$125+ hst for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Group sessions for up to 3 people,

3 hours, $300+ hst.

Contact Lalita to book your group. 

After my cranio-sacral treatment I felt like I had stepped into a new energetic body, my mind was clear,my heart open and by whole being fully integrated. Lalita is a truly gifted healer. Her ability to create a sacred space for healing to occur is phenomenal. I would highly recommend her as a teacher, healer and spiritual guide to anyone looking to transform and improve their life, heal, and expand as a human being.”

Madhuri Phillips - Ayurvedic Practitioner
and Yoga Teacher, Vancouver BC

"I am so happy I saw you yesterday Lalita! I had quite a dramatic release last night. No lower right abdominal pain now and my right SI Joint is calm and happy . It is amazing how my own outlook has changed in such a short turnaround! I am thankful and so looking forward to this journey! Thank you my friend from the bottom of my heart for helping me to be so open with you. I think I even surprised myself! Sending love and light from my happy heart!"

Linda M, London ON

" In early July, when I was attempting to move a very heavy mattress by myself, I collapsed backwards under its weight and smashed the back of my head on the wooden slats of the box spring.  During the next few weeks I was surprised that not only did I experience a lot of physical discomfort but considerable emotional distress as well.  The healing session with Lalita proved invaluable.  Not only did she alleviate the pressure of “iron helmet” that seemed to be crushing my head; she also restored my emotional balance and generated a greater sense of peacefulness in my life.  Lalita’s counselling skills, energy work abilities, compassion and wisdom are considerable.  Further, her joy in being is contagious. One month after the treatment, I am still feeling centred, content and headache free.  Without reservation, I would recommend Lalita’s services most highly."

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