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Lalitadevi Tamburri (She/Her), Owner
Lalitadevi is a registered experienced 500hr yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer. She has been teaching since 2003. She was drawn to fully immerse herself in yoga when she was going through a particularly stressful period of life, and yoga guided her towards a complete positive transformation.

Yoga connected her to a soulful path of deep trust within herself. Her deep gratitude for what she has received through yoga is what inspires her to share and to assist people to connect to their inner light.

She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for over 14 years.
She teaches on all aspects of yoga and guides her students to connect to their own unique practice drawing from several branches of yoga. She has studied with masterful teachers in India, Australia, and on the West and East Coast of Canada.
Life inspires Lalitadevi to continue to connect, to ask questions, to receive insights, and to unravel the depths of the human experience from within.

Lalitadevi is also a Certified Holistic Cranio­-Sacral Therapist, a budding palmist, a partner, a mom of two children: one hearing and one deaf, and very happy to be living a very full and rich dynamic life during her precious time here touching down on this incredible planet. 

For Lalitadevi yoga is about how we live each moment of our lives. It is dynamic. It is not just about the practices, although they are very important. Yoga is about discovering our highest potential in every aspect of life through connecting with a state of balance and harmony. Lalitadevi is very passionate about her own spiritual journey and this comes through in her dedication to inspiring others to reveal their full potential in life.
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