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with special guest:
Dr Fadel Behman, PH.D., D.SC.

Friday May 3, 6:30-8:30pm & Sunday May 5, 10-4pm
Online or In Person
Investment $190+hst 
Includes a nutritious lunch :)
Friday night only $35+hst,

The DIVINE ONENESS OF ALL THAT IS, manifests, in the subjective personal Inner Oneness of the human being, and, the objective Outer Oneness of all existence of the material world. The Oneness of the Divine Spirit is the core and essence of every part of creation; is the fabric of interconnection of All That Is; and is the global field of wisdom, love, intelligence, energies, the animating life force and information that fills all of space. In short, nothing exists outside of the Oneness of the Divine Spirit. The inner or subjective state of oneness is dynamic and evolves as the personal state of being advances in love, peace and harmony in relation to oneself. The human physical body perceives the external surrounding environment by the five senses which are limited in their scope and potential; is controlled by the subtle conditioned beliefs, feelings and thoughts of the human psyche, and depends on the state of being of the individual at the moment of observation. All these factors constitute a very small part of the unlimited potential of the human divine spirit. The collective Outer state of Oneness depends on the oneness of each and all kingdoms of creation on earth (mineral, vegetal, animal, human, angelic and higher spiritual realms …, and over souled by the oneness of each and all planetary, solar, galactic, universal and cosmic levels of creation). In this Workshop, we will together explore how to advance our holistic practices to live guided by the Divine Oneness of All.

Friday Night
Play Studio
with Katrina

Join Katrina for Art Play Studio
Fridays 7-8:30pm for kids (&parents) 
Questions Email Katrina at 

Art Classes
Katrina Therapy

Private Art Therapy sessions with Katrina Farrow

Tuesdays / Fridays 

Art therapy with a variety of different points of entry. Katrina Offers Dream work sessions to assist her clients in processing a dream or themes from recurring dreams. No art experience necessary.


Katrina also offers genealogy and body mapping sessions. This brings to awareness patterns occurring and perhaps blocking personal clarity in the present time that may have been passed down over the generations. No art experience necessary.

1.5 hr/$120

To book you appointment email Katrina:

Katrina Farrow (She/Her), Art Therapist, Educator
Katrina is a member of the Ontario and Canadian art therapy associations and currently completing the thesis component of her graduate diploma from Kutenai Art Therapy Institute
based in Nelson, British Columbia. She has 3 years clinical, supervised experience and is working toward her professional status with the associations. Katrina’s practice is diverse due to her experience in rural communities and a variety of populations. Primarily her focus is strength based, Insight oriented, relational neuroscience, with
trauma informed approach using modalities that utilize present perspective to inform past stories whether individual or collective. Art offers pathways into the unconscious that can enhance and
even speak when language is difficult. It provides symbols and metaphors that allow you to discover meaning-making and offer loving reminders that can gently guide into a more conscious way of living. After pursuing the arts through graphic design in the 90’s, and then a ten-year career in education Katrina followed her heart in discovering wellness within the creative process.
Though experienced working with children, Katrina can guide all ages to discover how art can help us return to our bodies through sensory play and curiosity. As a single parent of 2, and a caregiver of aging parents, she understands that doable self-care, play, and curiosity needs to be an essential part of life and is unique to every individual.

Spring Cleanse
Spring Cleansing!
Learn How to Cleanse the alimentary canal using Saline Water with Ancient Yogic Practices.

Sundays  8am – 3pm

Contact us to book your Cleanse

Open to beginner and experienced practitioners.

Food is provided.

$250 plus hst


You will learn 3 important cleansing techniques to cleanse the body and to have the opportunity to cleanse at all levels. Laghoo Shankaprakshalana (full intestinal cleanse), Jala Neti (nasal cleanse with the neti pot) and Kunjal Kriya, also known as Vaman Dhauti (stomach cleanse). These techniques are so wonderful in restoring balance and cleansing the body to feel lighter and brighter moving into to spring in summer. The winter can be a heavy time where we eat heavier foods and there can be a sluggishness that builds up in the body and the mind. This practice is excellent for removing excess mucus, constipation and a general feeling of well being as the stagnancy is gently lifted. This is open to everyone, both experienced and beginners. Even if you know the practices, it’s can be good to feel the support of the guide and a group to do it with. Space is limited to 3 people per day so book asap if you are interested.


Holistic Cranio-Sacral Therapy Level 1 Practitioner Training
Dr Fadel Behman, PH.D., D.SC.

10am-5pm Thursday to Sunday

Fadel Chakras.jpg

What is Cranio-Sacral Therapy?

Cranio-Sacral Therapy removes energy blockages from the central nervous system of the physical body, allowing healing beyond the level of the purely physical. Holistic Cranio-Sacral Therapy includes counselling to remove the emotional and cognitive attitudes which caused the blockages, while keeping in alignment with the spiritual values of the client. This program provides an introduction to Cranio-Sacral Therapy, including as used for stress reduction and prevention of disease.


Course Objectives:

· Learn the essential Anatomy and Physiology of the cranio-sacral system

· Learn how to palpate the very subtle cranio-sacral rhythm

· Learn how to give a holistic cranio-sacral treatment using the Behman Technique

· Get to experience the power of cranio-sacral treatments


Your Outcome:

· Experience the benefits of learning a modern light touch holistic subtle energy

technique for effective total well-being

· Get in touch with the integrity of your soul and body in giving and receiving craniosacral


30 hour course. More details at

Treatments/Consultations with Dr. Fadel Behman or questions: Contact Lalita at Little Mango Tree for bookings. Text 519 694-3769. email:

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