Mystery of Mysticism
Dr Fadel Behman
M.Sc, PhD, D.Sc

Friday June 10th Evening session online 6:30pm-8:30pm
Sunday June 12th all day in person or online 10am-4pm $175 plus hst (includes Vegetarian Lunch on Sunday

The spontaneous arising of mystical experiences is observed in explorations all over the world. It is not the mystic’s character that makes him or her a mystic, it is the experience of a transcendental reality beyond the limits of personality. Mysticism is not only accessible to the chosen few, but the very essence of the human adventure. The great mystics claim to have been transported and experienced knowledge of the truth beyond normal awareness and that higher consciousness is available to everyone to experience regardless of culture, condition or religion. Higher consciousness is that above the normal personality experience of separateness from others or from the rest of life. The soul is only real in so far as it is a connection between the separate personality and God. The immortal soul is the true nature as a permanent spiritual essence shared by all, a spark of the One Fire. The path of the mystic is to feed this spark of the One Fire until it burns up the separate ego. Ultimately there is no identity except as Divinity. The ecstasy of the sudden mystical experience has a transformative effect that culminate on being on the path till arrival at the maturity of final enlightenment that all is one and the One is the ultimate pure consciousness, God, The All.

Dr. Fadel Behman specializes in Holistic Biofield Energy Therapies. He is the founder and director of the Holistic Health Energy Institute in Montréal, Canada, an institute for research, teaching and therapy of the whole person. He has a Masters degree in Medical Physics, and 2 Doctorate Degrees in Therapeutic Counseling. His current holistic counseling and therapy practice of integrating the client's wellness " Body-Emotion-Mind-Spirit and relationships". In addition to his research and practice, Dr. Behman teaches courses and workshops in: Energy Bodies and Chakras, Anatomy & Physiology, Holistic Health, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Mind and Expansion of Consciousness, Integral Healing and Sacred Sounds. Dr. Behman has received many International Awards in the advancement of education, medical and humanitarian services, and sustainable leadership in holistic counseling. He is aware of the Golden Unique present time on planet earth where all higher ascended beings are available to support the raising of vibrations and energies to heal the earth and all sentient beings We can use our free will to face our personal limitations by accepting their love to be of service and help us to transform towards our liberation and expanded consciousness to heal and live in peace and harmony in the Oneness of All.


Integrated Massage, Fascia Therapy and Yoga, Private sessions with

Annette Klosler

Tuesdays Starting September 21, 2021

60 minute treatment $100 plus hst

90 minute treatment $135 plus hst

Direct billing to insurance is available

annette K.jpg

Annette Klosler RMT offers unique individualized treatments integrating Massage Therapy, Structural Integration (Fascia Therapy) and Yoga.  Annette works with an individual one on one, gathering client information and completing an assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the area of concern. Drawing from her unique understanding of the human body and knowledge she works with the individual to create a personalised treatment plan to address the clients concerns and treatment goals. By appointment. To book and appointment with Annette at Little Mango Tree please email or call or text 519-532-6392.


Soap Making Lye Method

with Lynda Earle &

Courtney Chattington, Pachamama

Sunday November 14, 2021 

Investment $100+hst*
Limited to 6 people per class

Join Lynda Earle and Courtney Chattington from Pachamama in learning the ancient art of Lye based soap making. You will learn everything you need to know to safely make soap in your own home with simple tried and true methods and lots of room from creativity. In this workshop you will make one batch of soap in a mold that you will take home with you to make more soap :) You will receive recipes and lots of tips for your future soap making. You will need to bring a tea towel and a pyrex (glass) measuring cup and be ready to have a super fun time! 

New Moon
Sound Healing Journeys
with Crystal Bowls
with Beth MacKiernan

beth bowls.jpg

Join Beth, sound healer and registered 200 hour yoga teacher, on a sound healing journey with Chakra tuned Crystal Bowls to bring deep healing and instant balancing and relaxation. Beth's connection to the bowls as a tool from healing is deep and as a facilitator of sound healing she is truly exceptional.