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Yoga for Life

Life can be confusing and disorientating, especially for those who have an innate sense that there is more to life than careers, marriage, children, education, home owning, entertainment, travelling etc. The steady stream of doing and accomplishing and accumulating without a foundation of understanding of the purpose of life can leave one feeling completely flat. Barely finishing one thing then already on to the next can leave one feeling uninspired and exhausted. The next experience, the next accumulation. No matter what the accomplishment, there is always a focus on the next thing whatever that is. It is a constant state of reaching without ever grasping the thing that will actually give life meaning.

What does yoga have to do with all of that? The yogic system is designed to lead us into a better understanding of ourselves. Eventually life becomes a series of moments with opportunities to see ourselves and healing potential tied to them. All the physical components of life are still there, but there is an understanding of the greater purpose and all movements become an act of service.

People often ask, how does moving your body in specific ways and breathing in specific ways open up this wealth of connection and understanding within? How can it bring healing and understanding? Yoga is a wonderful gift that gives when we move with greater awareness. More and more is revealed like the never ending gift that keeps on unravelling. The techniques of yoga open up the little boxes of stored (often painful) experiences that we hold inside and allows us to live with greater freedom. Techniques are used to move into those hard to reach spaces that often we do not even know are there from our conscious perspective. The techniques open up the energy and allow healing to happen in the mind, the emotions, and in the flesh. Little by little we start to see who we are really. Yoga becomes a system for life, 'yoga for life'.


Lalitadevi is an experienced practitioner of classical yoga, Holisitc Cranio-Sacral Therapist and Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor. She is a yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer. She is known for taking her yoga practice into her daily life, living her best life, moving from a place of service and inspiring others to do the same. She is a partner, a friend, a mother, a daughter, a sister and an auntie and moves in the world free, enthusiastically and guided by spirit.

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