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Sunday March 26th, 11am-3pm

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Private Art Therapy Sessions
with Katrina 

Dream Work Sessions &

 Genealogy Sessions


An Art and Movement Experience for

activating Mind

Body and Spirit

Katrina Farrow



Pranayama Level 2
Yoga Continuing Studies / Development Courses  for Yoga Teachers and Experienced Practitioners


Starts Dec 7

Bhagavad Gita Level 1 and 2

Yoga Continuing Studies / Development Courses  for Yoga Teachers and Experienced Practitioners
Date TBA

In Person

Private Yoga or Cranio Sacral Therapy / Spiritual Counselling
with Lalita

Appointments Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Individual or Group sessions


Classical Yoga
8 week

Starts Feb 13

with Lalita


Sound Yoga
Level 1

Mantra, Nada Yoga and

9:30am -12pm
4 weeks

Starts March 4th

Continuing Studies

10 hours

Hatha Yoga & Meditation Development and Deepening


8 weeks
Starts April 1st 

Open to all Current students 32  hours Continuing Studies for

Yoga Teachers

Strong Yoga



4 weeks starting 

March 4th

Little Mango Community Market

 with local craft vendors & Sessions

Join Us! 

Hosted by

Lalita & Katrina

FEB 12th, 10am

Spring Yogic Cleanse

Sundays 8-3pm

April 30, May 14 or May 28
Pick a date that works for you. Max 3 people each day.

Save your spot!

The incredible physical & emotional benefits of yoga is what attracts most of us to this ancient tradition. You may feel lighter, stronger, more flexible, grounded, energized, rejuvenated and happier.
Yoga also helps us to reconnect to our full creative potential and feel more connected to the world around us. Through yoga the possibility opens up for us to learn to see ourselves and others more clearly with a loving and compassionate eye and to celebrate the joy of life in every moment.


Testimonial, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate:

"I realize I still have much to learn but thanks to you I am comfortable with myself which is the greatest gift you could have given me. You made me realize that faith in myself will outweigh all the little things my ego wants to put into my head.

The way you did your training taught us to teach but also to believe in ourselves and to realize we are all different and equally as important as the next person.

I knew that your training would bring to my life so much more than the asanas of yoga and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to be taught by you whether in a class or as a yoga instructor.

Thank you for teaching me to see life in a different way, a new more positive light. You have opened my eyes to many new things and I am very grateful for that." Leanne A, 2020 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Save the Date!

Havan (Fire/Fower) Shivaratri Ceremony and Chant IN PERSON
This is the night that it is said that shiva (masculine) and shakti (and feminine) merge to create perfect balance. Let's sing and dance and celebrate together! 
This is an outdoor even and you will need really really warm clothing! Snow pants, winter coats and everything 

Saturday Feb 18th 
Arrival at 3/3:30pm, ceremony starts at 3:30pm in Springfield
I will be making a light meal for everyone that we can enjoy together afterwards. You can bring something to share if you like :) 
Please RSVP and receive location and details
By Donation

Private Consultations
and Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a gentle way to relieve tension from the connective tissue and the nerves of the body. This promotes healing both physically and energetically.
Lalitadevi continues to offer a combination of cranio-sacral energy healing sessions and personalized yoga programs using her unique and practical approach.

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