Prairie Wakerobin - Cranio-Sacral treatment with Lalita
In early July, when I was attempting to move a very heavy mattress by myself, I collapsed backwards under its weight and smashed the back of my head on the wooden slats of the box spring.  During the next few weeks I was surprised that not only did I experience a lot of physical discomfort but considerable emotional distress as well.  The healing session with Lalita proved invaluable.  Not only did she alleviate the pressure of “iron helmet” that seemed to be crushing my head; she also restored my emotional balance and generated a greater sense of peacefulness in my life.  Lalita’s counselling skills, energy work abilities, compassion and wisdom are considerable.  Further, her joy in being is contagious. One month after the treatment, I am still feeling centred, content and headache free.  Without reservation, I would recommend Lalita’s services most highly.

Madhuri Phillips - Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher
After my cranio-sacral treatment I felt like I had stepped into a new energetic body, my mind was clear,my heart open and by whole being fully integrated. Lalita is a truly gifted healer. Her ability to create a sacred space for healing to occur is phenomenal. I would highly recommend her as a teacher, healer and spiritual guide to anyone looking to transform and improve their life, heal, and expand as a human being.

Sara Cuthbert - Student
My vision of yoga before I began was more of a physical outlook.  Bend, stretch and feel good.  After meeting Lalita and attending classes, I began to find myself going so much deeper into my mind, spirit and soul.  Her confidence in me, nurturing instructor-like ways helped to bring a peace inside myself that I didn't realize could exist.  Lalita sets a clear, inviting atmosphere for self-exploration - there's absolutely no judgement, just encouragement and peace in a gentle setting.  Sometimes when no words are exchanged after classes, I feel as though we've had hours of conversation.  She has shared with us the awareness to harness negative energies to act as a fuel to inner peace.  Lalita gives the gift of joy and light.  And those days when you don't want to leave the house to go to class, I never have a good enough reason anymore - even if I sit silent and still through the whole class, I feel enriched when I leave.  I don't pay an instructor to teach me various poses for physical fitness anymore, I invest in a way of life. 

Ann Sloan - Student
Several years ago I had an accident that left me with physical limitations in reaching and lifting, as well as difficulty with some daily tasks. Since starting yoga with Lalita three years ago, I can now accomplish physical movements that were once impossible for me to do.  As well as the physical gains, the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga have really helped me in my daily life.  This has been instrumental in the improvement of my overall general health.
Lalita is a unique yoga teacher who lives the “yoga life.” She brings humour, joy and wisdom to the class. Yoga with Lalita is truly an enlightening experience.

Donna Vancise - Student
I didn’t know what to expect when I started yoga classes. I am happy to say that my experiences with Lalita at Little Mango Tree have been transformative. Lalita is sensitive to individual needs and has provided me with the guidance I need to cope with back and neck pain. My strength and flexibility have greatly improved. Meditation and breathing practices have calmed my mind and soothed my spirit. I have more stamina and aerobic capacity too. When I need to modify practices, Lalita is always ready with suggestions.
The atmosphere during instruction is warm and welcoming. We are all ages, shapes and levels of fitness. Somehow Lalita makes everyone feel successful and motivated. Informal conversations over tea after weekday classes help students bond, but it is Lalita’s open personality and her gentle humour that are at the core of these connections.
At Little Mango Tree, we explore the aspects of yoga that extend beyond the physical practices. We have been introduced to many new ideas and experiences. Each student is encouraged to be open-minded and to take with them what is relevant to their lives.
Lalita is a gifted teacher. I consider myself lucky to have studied with her and will continue to do so as long as I am able and she is willing.

Zoe Eakle, Transpersonal Counselor
“Their approach to teaching and life I find simple, approachable, grounded and easy to understand. Not only that but it is infused with a great deal of love and joy.”

James Hayter “Yogachaitanya” Yoga Teacher, Karate Instructor,
Reiki Master, Architect

Lalitadevi and Anandaroopa have the ability to inspire people not just through their teaching of yoga but more by the virtue that yoga is their life. They are a rare couple that they embody they very meaning of the yoga in they way they act and speak. For people who wish to learn yoga just get to know Lalitadevi and Anandaroopa - you will learn the true meaning of yoga beyond any postures or techniques. Yoga as life.

David Fogel “Yogadhyanam” EC Educator
“when Anandaroopa and Lalitadevi sing, they sing from their heart and from a place of deep gratitude and surrender. Singing like that cant help but reach your heart...”